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Winter at SowFresh Farms!!
We decided to spend a chilly, winter weekend amidst nature at the Sow Fresh Farms.

The farm is located close to Gurgaon, with easy access to the Delhi Inter national Airport.

SowFresh started out as a little passion project for Komal Jain but is now USDA Certified Zero Waste Organic Farms based out of Manesar in Haryana. It has now grown with numerous accreditations from various government and non-government entities!

We were hosted at a 3-bedroom villa called Mulberry Farms (@mulberryfarmsmanesar) located beside the Sowfresh Farms. With a personality of its own, Mulberry farms have been designed to strike a balance between the comforts of home and the luxuries of a holiday destination.

The in-the-city, yet out of the hustle bustle gave us an opportunity to truly unwind and recuperate amongst nature. Our morning began by plucking fresh vegetables from the farm. The vegetables would be used to prepare our meals for the rest of the day. After a slow, and relaxing day with ATV rides, camel rides, and trips to see the animals in space, the evenings usually ended with a bonfire and live jam sessions with the rest of our group!

The farm boasts of using sustainable practices on field. During the course of our few days spent there we noticed a few such practices! 

Drip Irrigation is used to control the water wastage. 

Composting and Vermicomposting is done at the farm which turns organic waste into in-house green fertiliser. 

Old CDs are used to mark patches across the farms and there is also a zero-waste herbal garden in making!

Eco Friendly Utensils for parties, and to host large groups of people (like team 8Finity on field).

We are always looking for more sustainable practices to ignite ideas and keep us inspired. SowFresh Farms was one such place for us. Run by a female entrepreneur, and rooting out of interest, their origin story runs close to ours and makes our collaboration even more special! 

Our visit will be an inspiration to keep our sustainability juices flowing well into 2022!

Thank you Komal Jain for having us! Looking forward to more such collaborations!

Know more about the brand here:
MulberryFarms: @mulberryfarmsmanesar
Sow Fresh: @sowfresh_india

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