of Sustainability through Design

8Finity interweaves opportunity, skill development, job creation, conservation, and environmental protection. With these pillars, we curated a brand that contributes to this cyclical closed loop which reduces excess waste.
We believe our brand is representative of the fact that we can have an endless product lifeline. By rethinking and repurposing pre and post-consumer waste, we are giving new life to old ends.

‘True to our tagline, new beginnings from old ends’, we breathe new life into materials that are considered waste Our pieces are created by local artisans, using elements primarily considered trash – plastic waste and scrap fabric.

This vertical of 8Finity creates products as per your requirements. From sizing to designing, we work with teams and companies across the country to serve their sustainable art solutions!

By converting waste/trash into art installations, we breathe life into corners of spaces while helping and uplifting communities, and supporting the circular economy!

The Art

The Artist​



Art made using waste – plastic and scrap fabrics


Unique creations catered to your unique spaces


Handcrafted with love while supporting a community of women from marginalised areas of Bengal

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